Share Google Analytics Access

Google Analytics Certification BadgeThis is to request that you share Google Analytics (GA) Access with Blastoff Labs. We utilize it for a number of purposes:

• Testing and monitoring conversion tracking.
• Monitoring quantified engagement metrics, and
• Understanding paid traffic flow landing on and traversing sites.
• Analyze web pages for conversion efficiency issues.

To share access to Google Analytics, please login at then:

  1. Login at then:
    • Navigate to Admin (lower left, gear icon) > User Management > Add User (+ sign in blue circle, upper right)
  2. Add the email address listed below by selecting the + sign in blue circle (upper right corner).


Please be sure to grant “Administrative” level access.

In Google Analytics, the term “Administrative User” is a bit of a misnomer; it does not make us owner of the account.

Without ‘Admin level’ access, we won’t be able to connect Google Analytics to Google Ads, or complete other essential tasks.

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