Grant Administrative Access in WordPress

Please use the following instructions to grant administrative access in WordPress to Blastoff Labs:WordPress

  1. Log into WordPress and access the dashboard
  2. Navigate to the “User” section
  3. Select “Add New User”
  4. Complete user name with: Blastoff Labs
  5. Use the email below:
    Sharing Analytics access
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select “Admin” as the type of privileges you are granting
  7. Below this is a checkbox to send account information to the new user
    (This allows users to reset their password and provide more security than setting and account an emailing a password)
  8. Be sure and hit “Save” at the very bottom

Once Blastoff Labs has access we can log into WordPress to confirm conversion tracking setup, and any other related issues.

Blastoff Labs will not open any of your content articles, pages, products or drafts, etc.

If there is a need to install any plug-ins to the site we will request permission in advance with you, and/or your site developer.

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