Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising PPC Campaigns

Blastoff Labs brings a 2,000 campaign, 5-year track record of success with digital advertising campaign design, optimization, and management.

Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising PPC Digital Advertising

Blastoff Labs brings a 2,000 campaign, 5-year track record of digital advertising campaigns.


  • Systematic campaign design

  • Designed for machine learning

  • Bid control and ad automation

  • Performance driven optimization

  • 100% conversion tracking

  • Custom reporting & analytics

  • Large account expertise

  • Ongoing campaign management

  • 10 current PPC certifications

Overview of Blastoff Labs Services.  This three minute overview highlights our services designed to serve PPC advertisers managing growing businesses.

  • 10 Current PPC Certifications

  • Systematic campaign design

  • Adaptive optimization

  • We design for automation

  • Custom reporting & analytics

  • Large account expertise

  • Expert baselining and re-engineering

  • Monitoring & management

Overview of Blastoff Labs Services.  This three minute overview highlights our services designed to serve PPC advertisers managing growing businesses.

Digital Advertising Services

Search Advertising Campaigns

Search engine advertising campaigns are the bedrock PPC campaign type. They made Google a household name, and compelled Microsoft to invest multi Billions to become their only viable competitor. Blastoff is a channel partner with both tech giants, and retests for all of their available digital advertising certifications annually.

We’ve built a strong track record in search campaign design, management, and reporting. We’ve developed the skills needed to manage accounts at different scales, which led to our own reporting system.  We started by working with individual campaigns, then for several years developed different skills as we managed accounts with up numerous campaigns. Over the past 18 months we’ve taken on some very complex search campaign accounts, some with hundreds of search campaigns active serving ads across multiple continents.

3d Object Model: Search Ad Campaign
PPC Campaign Search Ad with Sitelink Extensions

Display Advertising Campaigns

Blastoff Labs develops Display ads with vector graphic ad creatives comparable to those from Fortune 500 ad agencies. Our team’s creative process results in compelling value proposition imagery and copy.

Using the highest quality imagery and ad copy along with effective targeting strategies, Blastoff’s display campaigns in both the new Microsoft Audience Network and the Google Display Network have proven to be most successful for many clients.

e-Commerce Shopping Ad Campaigns

Google & Microsoft Shopping campaigns are designed to display product ads by pulling image and product data out of e-commerce databases. Unlike search campaigns which are directly targeted using keywords, and display campaigns which are targeted by placements and audiences, with shopping campaigns the decision of targeting is left in most part up to the ad platform’s algorithms, making them trickier to target and optimize.

Blastoff Labs has accumulated a mass of experience with Shopping campaigns serving many industry sectors, and through that we’ve learned how to design and optimize them.

Video Advertising Campaigns

Video ads are underutilized, but remain a great value for many advertisers on both Google and Microsoft. A 30 second video usually carries a cost per view (CPV) of around 2 to 4 cents. So video ad campaigns are often the most cost effective way to pull new customers into the top of your sales conversion funnel.

Youtube is the second busiest search engine on the internet with over 5 billion searches being conducted every day. On the new Microsoft Audience Network, video ads are shown to users of Office 365, Microsoft Windows, Yahoo and other platforms.

Blastoff expects video advertising to continue to grow, and we increasingly “wire frame” ideas as video storyboards to implement in-house. Successful ads on the internet often do not require professional production; many of the strongest ads we’ve seen were produced with a smartphone and attached lapel microphone.

Custom Analytics & Reporting

Reporting is a critical aspect of managing PPC campaigns for clients. Our reporting is based upon Microsoft’s ‘Power Business Intelligence’ (BI) platform, pulling campaign data from the Google and Microsoft API interfaces. The data is processed in the DAX data analysis language, and charted in Power BI.

We can tailor the reports to fit your most important business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). This Blastoff-developed reporting capability provides our clients with uncommonly sharp, clear charts, tables and graphics that show exactly what is going on within their campaigns.

Site and landing page analysis

Website and landing page design and implementation will influence the performance of PPC campaigns that drive qualified traffic there. As a result we frequently make recommendations to clients on content strategies including clear messaging, website content, and related conversion rate optimization (CRO) factors.

We study the landing pages for a match between the business model and products/services.  Buying traffic only makes sense when the site or landing page is setup to engage the visitor.  Some business sectors are not well suited it is to PPC advertising. We provide potential clients an assessment of the likelihood of success. There are a few business sectors that we simply stay away from.

We often identify opportunities to boost their advertising margins and volumes by re-allocating ad spend between different type of campaigns, or by shifting spend to a different ad platforms. We configure, and utilize an ad spend allocation model to identify these opportunities.

Clients from Many Sectors of the US & EMEA Economies

Service Providers | Tech Startups | E-Commerce Sellers | Travel Industry | SAAS Software | Financial Software OEMs | Manufacturers | Wholesale Distributors | Data Storage OEMs | Legal Services & Attorneys | Nationwide Retail

Hannah Lodge

Hannah Lodge
Alta Language Services, Atlanta GA

“We’ve been working with Steve for about a year, and he and his team at Blastoff have really turned our PPC efforts around. The proof is in the pudding: we’re receiving significantly more conversions than we did in the past at a cheaper cost per conversion than we were used to. Beyond the concrete results, we’ve found Steve to be quite responsive to questions, ideas, and concerns we have. He’s an expert at getting you the most value for your money, and he’s also keen to learn more about the particulars of your industry to help make sure the campaign is hitting on lead quality in addition to quantity. We consider his work invaluable to our business.”

Blastoff Retakes All Available Digital Advertising Certifications Annually


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