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May 2020

Blastoff Labs brings a 2,000 campaign, 5-year track record of delivering insights and expertise to sophisticated growth businesses from startups to the Fortune 1000

“...Spending on digital advertising exceeded $333 Billion US dollars in 2019 (1/3 Trilion USD) and is growing at 17.6%, to exceed $520 Billion in 2023 – with digital for the first time exceeding half the global advertising market. In the US, in 2019 digital advertising is already 54% of total ad spend across all types of media”…

In June 2020, we're out to share our understanding and insights on topics of interest to online advertisers.

Our short, concise screencasts will share our insights on the design, operation, management, and successful utilization of related cloud platforms. We’ll share observations on all types of digital ad campaigns: search, display, shopping, video, remarketing, and programmatic.

Every screencast features original vector graphic illustrations created by Blastoff Labs. They’re designed to convey the inner workings of processes within ad campaigns, websites, networks, servers, data centers, and related cloud platforms.

Join us on our exciting mission to explore the universe of digital advertising!

Blastoff Labs was created based upon my 20 years' experience hiring digital agencies to execute online projects. In 2014, I saw an opportunity to address a niche market by starting a digital ad agency which is based around a different business model, one based upon a zero-outsourcing philosophy. Blastoff is designed to serve client's needs while delivering the best technical & creative results from myself and small onsite support team. We call our way of working “The Daily Rotation” and it’s described in detail on this site.

Screencasts will cover insights into many digital advertising topics

The daily rotation process allows us to stay on top of all client projects and campaigns over time, using custom workflows that maximize creativity, while consistently delivering the highest quality work product for our clients.