What are the search queries used to find your products or services?

Which search engine queries find your product or service?”. This is usually something that can be pulled together quickly. We’ll take it from there.

Why is this question important?  Won’t your keyword research tools tell you this?

This exercise is primarily to guard against us missing an obscure search query or method which is not obvious, that you (being in the business) may be aware of.  It’s designed to ensure we end up with stronger search query coverage built into a new campaign.

Your responses do not need to be perfect; almost certainly will find them all anyway.

As a new campaign is optimized, keyword base expansion will catch the outliers. So don’t be too concerned if you miss something –  we’ll find all related keywords over time.

How much information on search queries should I provide?

Usually this list will amount to 10 to 30 search queries; sometimes more and occasionally less. If you don’t know the search queries or only know of a few – that’s ok, send them across;  we’ll find all of them.

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