Yes, a PPC account can be sold — but there are some caveats.

First, a ppc campaign cannot be sold as a self-contained asset because it is intellectual property that runs on a ppc platform owned by the platform provider. Ownership of the account is subject to the overarching terms and restrictions you agree to under the platform provider’s terms of service.

That said, control and ownership of a ppc campaign can be transferred between companies or individuals when it’s agreeable to the buyer and seller. Typically the value is the greatest when a website is sold along with the ppc accounts.

PPC ad campaigns have a symbiotic relationship with the website they drive traffic to, and that value strengthens over time. due to the symbiotic relationship, campaigns become more valuable if they are sold along with the website that they drive traffic to.

How is a PPC account ownership transfer effected?

The mechanism to transfer ownership begins with adding an administrative user to the ad account. terms of ownership should be itemized in a signed contractual agreement.

If you purchase a website along with a campaign, be sure the content has been copyrighted and that ownership is transferred in the agreement.

This is not legal advice, we suggest consulting an attorney before buying or selling any PPC ad account.

PPC campaigns can become valuable business assets

A successful ppc account contains campaigns that can develop significant economic value. It’s accurate to think of the campaigns as software scripts, configuration, and ad copy that run on the infrastructure of a ppc advertising platform. Together they are the intellectual property created by an advertiser and his/her agents.

The account, campaigns, and platform are all required to operate an advertiser’s campaigns. a sale is of only the advertisers’ intellectual property contained within the ppc campaigns within their ppc account.

Typically ppc campaign intellectual property has the most value when sold, along with the website traffic is directed to by the campaigns.

Blastoff Labs uses several methods to estimate a ppc campaign’s market value. of course, conversion value and volume are key metrics part of it.

Feel free to contact us about a sale, we’ll be happy to estimate value of your account.