Who are your paid search competitors?

In the process of developing PPC campaign(s), we will ask you to tell us about your competitors.  This is usually something that can be done fairly quickly.

You don’t need to be thorough, because we have tools that allow us to identify all competitors.  The reason we ask this question of clients is, that we want to know who you see as your 6 to 10 most significant direct competitors.  Mostly, those that come to mind quickly.

If there are businesses who are significant indirect competitors; or resellers/distribution who impact the competitive environment, please let us know about that as well.

Often this is a list of 6 to 10-12 company names, or their website url.  Sometimes more; sometimes less. If you don’t know the url for a competitor, just send us the name. If they are obscure, the city or state will help; either way, we’ll find them.