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search ad campaign

Search ad campaign design has evolved in 2021 to accommodate new classes of devices, ad formats, ad extensions, bid automation, and audience targeting. Slowly at first, over 20 years of progress, in 2021 innovation in search advertising has become more complex. But the highest quality campaigns have also become more successful.

Systematic Search Ad Campaign Development

To create the foundation for high-performance search ad campaigns, Blastoff Labs created and refined a systematic development process. With each campaign we design, we continuously look for opportunties to further improve this process, which involves hundreds of details, much technical know-how, and many “trade craft” aspects. The phases and individual steps in our search ad campaign development process are illustrated below.

search ad campaign
search ad campaign


Search Ad Campaign Review“Steve and his team at Blastoff have really turned our PPC efforts around with concrete results. We’re receiving significantly more conversions than we did in the past, at a cheaper cost per conversion than we were accustomed to. Steve’s also keen to learn more about the particulars of your industry, to increase lead quality.”

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