If you are an existing client, Blastoff Labs may assist with PPC account suspensions.

But it is unlikely to happen.

We don’t take on suspension projects because the only person the ad platform will talk to is the account owner. What you should do is to file a written request for assistance from the help link in your Merchant Center. Be patient because they have a massive backlog and may take 2 or 3 weeks to answer. Keep your communication cordial, lay out the facts succinctly, and explain why you ask that they should un-suspend your account.

Just email a polite note, with a bullet list succinctly summarizing the steps you’ve taken. They will ask you for the email you received stating the reason you were suspended. If you owe them financially, you’ll have to pay it; the odds of winning a discussion about that are so close to zero, it cannot be measured.  To their credit, the ad platforms are usually right.  So don’t feel singled out. Just bite the bullet and pay.  The large tech companies are not going to reason with you, they simply understand power – and they 100% of the cards here.  So don’t get into this expecting a break.

Unless they’ve permanently banned your account, which is unlikely unless there have been repeated terms of service violations over a long time period.

Ad platforms become alarmed easily, sometimes false-alarmed, at the slightest possibility of legal jeopardy. There are several reasons – first, they are frequently a lawsuit target, and Shopping transactions put them legally in the chain of a transaction.

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