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Video Ads

Video ads can be effective not just in pulling leads into the high funnel, but for driving conversions as well.

A Different Media

Slickly-produced “TV Ad” format ads aren’t your best production format for online ads. The most successful online video ads are typically more personal, casual, and conversational. It’s a different media.

Video ads can be created a number of formats to suit different advertising purposes. Screencast-style videos can be built from still images to tell a story with or without audio narration. Stock video footage can be overlayed with text messages. Existing video can be edited into short ads with voiceover narration.

Often simpler, shorter video ads perform better. The video and images can be client supplied; created by Blastoff from still image or video footing; or in some cases from a stock video library.

Systematic Video Campaign Development

After creafting a message and selecting the video for each ad, it’s edited to deliver the storyline message. Video campaigns throw off analytics quickly enabling us to gauge the success of individual ad spots. Successful ads require from a few days, to a few weeks to generate enough data to move them onto automated bidding.

In the course of building YouTube video ad campaigns, we’ve developed, tested, and continuously refined a systematic process for building quality YouTube video ad campaigns. We’ve come to view YouTube campaigns as a “sleeper marketing channel”. When you get the ad content, targeting, and campaign right in your vertical, video campaigns can be quite effective.

Below we illustrate the workflows we’ve developed to create winning video ad campaigns.

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Video Ad Campaign ReviewSteve and his team are total professionals and will drive some great business results! They familiarize with your business like product managers, then craft amazing Google and Microsoft ad campaigns.

Steve’s interest in and dedication to our business are qualities difficult to find in a marketing partner. Blastoff’s campaign reports are stellar, summarizing business stats with sharp graphics.”

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