Google Video Ads For YouTube

Object Model Video CampaignGoogle Video Ads for YouTube are uniquely useful and cost-effective – but surprisingly, are underutilized. They have evolved and improved dramatically from the original simple video ads introduced after Google’s acquisition of YouTube.

In the course of building YouTube video ad campaigns, we’ve developed, tested, and continuously refined a systematic process for building quality YouTube video ad campaigns.

It starts with onboarding you as a client, running competitive research, and conducting targeting & keyword research. The video could be client supplied, edited, created by Blastoff from still image or video footing; or in some cases from a stock video library. We then create video ad copy, and ad extension copy,  set up conversion tracking, and configure other parameters including bidding. Then we launch it and move into the campaign a post-launch optimization process. For 4 to 8 weeks the campaign goes through a fine optimization process including video and targeting split-testing. It then becomes a managed production campaign, monitored with our detailed campaign performance reporting.

Below we take you on a tour of the steps we’ve developed to put together winning video campaigns.

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Project Onboarding – Competition – CRO

ppc competitive analysis
conversion rate optimization cro change