Navigating ad spend for meaningful results.

We recommend spending enough to generate at least 20 clicks per day in most markets, in order to accumulate statistically meaningful data in each 24-hour period.

The daily spend is the number of clicks times the average cost per click.  So, the question becomes what is the average cost per click (CPC)?

CPC is dependent on quality scores, competitive bidding pressure at the time of an auction, and where the platform sets the minimum bid.

Once a campaign is known to be profitable, an advertiser will likely want to raise their daily ad spend become it is generating a profit. A number of considerations come into that, and it’s the subject of other FAQs. This FAQ addresses where to set the initial spend at launch, for a new or re-engineered campaign.

Our tools estimate CPC’s, but they are only approximate levels.  Before launch, we will likely be able to provide a CPC estimate within ~±15% of actual.

Most new campaigns develop higher quality scores as they run, so the minimum recommended ad spend will decline after launch as a campaign runs, undergoes post-launch optimization, and settles into a serving pattern.

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