About Blastoff Labs

About Blastoff Labs

We are a dedicated, in-office ad team that specializes in serving clients with unique requirements and PPC projects that demand focused attention. Unlike larger agencies, we prioritize detail and quality and avoid outsourcing campaigns, ensuring that Blastoff Labs remains fully committed to our clients' ad projects.

Our journey began after two decades of firsthand experience as agency clients ourselves. Having worked with various digital agencies, contractors, and consultants, we gained valuable insights into the needs and expectations of clients. These experiences led us to develop innovative project management approaches and tailor our business processes around our clients' specific requirements. As a result, we have a high client retention and referal rate from our 7 years serving other businesses.

Our Team

Steve Bell, Founder

Steve Bell, Director

Steve Bell, Founder

Steve Bell, Director

Steve has been immersed in search engine technology since the pre-IPO years of Google. While utilizing PPC advertising and SEO in previous businesses, he developed an appreciation for the power of and fascination with paid search advertising. Years ago, he began researching all the aspects of how search engines work, and this drew him further in.

Steve is driving and doing all client work and communications, ensuring a personalized and hands-on experience for Blastoff Labs clients. He is assisted on some aspects of work by in-office staff, but nothing involving work for clients is outsourced.

Steve’s “small team” model allows Blastoff to serve a demanding niche clientele with high-value campaigns that require specialized attention. By balancing personalized service and expertise, the Blastoff Labs team achieves exceptional results for clients. “Not every time”, he says “but, a good deal of the time”.

About Blastoff Labs

Steve Bell, Founder

Steve has been involved in search engine technology since the pre-IPO years of Google, accumulating a deep understanding of digital advertising and SEO strategies. He has experienced the power of search engine marketing and advertising in previous ventures.

Driven by a passion for leveraging search engine technology, marketing, and advertising, Steve’s goal is to help clients achieve success and increase their sales. Recognizing importance of maintaining consistent quality in campaign management, Steve has built a dedicated team around him that contributes to all aspects of campaign development and management.This collaborative effort allows Blastoff Labs to provide ongoing support to clients, including close monitoring, comprehensive reporting, and continuous optimization.

Setting themselves apart from traditional agencies, Blastoff Labs adopts an in-house approach. Steve remains at the forefront of client work, ensuring a personalized and hands-on experience. This tailored approach caters to a niche clientele with high-value campaigns that require specialized attention. By balancing personalized service and expertise, Blastoff Labs achieves exceptional results in comprehensive campaign management and optimization for clients.

About Blastoff Labs

Brooke Gunderson, Assistant PPC Developer

Brooke is a graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where she distinguished herself while earning an undergraduate degree with honors in Advertising.  She has an acute talent for detail, having become from an early age, the resident grammarian in her family.

About Blastoff Labs

Sam Duhe, Graphic Ad Creative

Sam is our talented in-house graphic designer. He develops unique ad creatives for display, pmax, youtube ad campaigns, and search ad extensions. Sam is also responsible for some of the terrific graphics in our client update packages.

Sam enjoys Golf, travel, and studying IT systems.

About Blastoff Labs

Kimberly Hegeman, Accounting & Human Resources

Kim has served as our bookkeeping and human resources ace since 2019, and yes she is always smiling like that! Kim has always displayed a gift for working with numbers, and is experienced in human resources procedures.

Kim is an avid bicyclist, and serves as a volunteer supporting road races and ultra distance sporting events.

Client Reviews

Blastoff Labs has designed, optimized, launched, and managed over 5,000 Google and Microsoft paid search ad campaigns for businesses of all sizes. The positive feedback we consistently receive from our clients serves as a powerful motivator. We take great pleasure in assisting growth-oriented businesses and remain committed to delivering exceptional results.

  • Invaluable Knowledge & Killer Ad Campaign

    I operate a nutrition supplement business, which can be a tricky sector on Google search. I cannot emphasize enough how deeply grateful I am for Steve’s dedication and support.

    He restructured our campaigns to utilize a combination of Google PMax and Shopping, and completed a precision optimization of our Shopping feed.  He also brought our campaigns onto Microsoft Ads to reach more consumers.

    I place my faith in Steve and his ability to help our brand flourish!

    John Xu, Owner,

    A Quality of Life Nutrition

    John Xu
  • Blastoff Labs Has My Highest Recommendation

    I’ve partnered with Blastoff for over a year now. They are head and shoulders above anyone I’ve worked with before in the digital marketing/ppc space.

    Steve is also quite knowledgable in general, and can point you in the right direction on many lateral areas of expertise. He doesn’t shrink away from problems and challenges, but attacks them like a saber-toothed cat. I feel very fortunate to have Steve in my circle. If you’re considering working with Steve and Blastoff labs, they come with my highest recommendation.

    James Gallagher,

    Immigration Attorney Services

    James Gallagher
    James Gallagher