About Blastoff Labs

We Were Clients

Blastoff Labs was created after 20 years of direct experience working with digital agencies, contractors, and consultants to execute web design, SEO, and PPC projects across many platforms and frameworks. We’ve been web services clients on many occasions, so we’ve developed a working understanding of both sides of this industry.

Our experiences led us to invent different ways of managing projects and serving clients. Blastoff Lab’s business processes are designed around our clients’ needs and expectations. The result has been a 70% client retention rate after 5 years in business.

Our team is focused on PPC

Around the time Google was founded, Steve developed a fascination with how search technology works. While following “the search engine wars” at a business level, he began to utilize digital advertising campaigns in business ventures he was involved in at the time. The result was a growing fascination with the inner workings of search engines and associated search ad campaigns that today, have reshaped the global economy. That fascination resulted in the formation of Blastoff Labs in 2016.

We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for and making the most of today’s powerful search engine technology.


about blastoff labs“Blastoff’s expertise can be described as TOP of Tier-1. Steve and his team master Google Ads and no doubt they can take on any challenge  or demanding project. Very happy to have found him. We’re a venture capital funded real estate startup. Blastoff found the time to understand our business model, user acquisition funnel and ultimately the customer psyche.”
~ MICHAEL CHO, Stanford MBA, Serial Entrepreneur Singapore

From The Computer Networking Industry To Advertising

Coming back to startups after selling his Wi-Fi startup SVNL to HP-Agilent in 2000, around 2008, over the following 5-6 years he began to explore and experiment with different approaches to designing, optimizing, and managing PPC advertising campaigns. During the same decade, he studied hundreds of books about technologies related to the internet; built dozens of websites using popular languages, frameworks, and platforms, and increasingly utilized PPC campaigns for business ventures.

Upon personally experiencing and enjoying working with the amazing power of PPC technology, he decided to form a different kind of digital advertising operation around it. This led to the formation of Blastoff Labs in 2016; an acceleration of the learning curve, and currently over 4,000 campaigns designed and managed. The great feedback received regularly from clients provides a natural catalyst for Steve and his small team – who thrive on helping other businesses. Winning with great campaigns is one of the ways we maintain a fun, but challenging work environment at Blastoff Labs.

Blastoff Labs

Does Not Operate With The Traditional Agency Model

Blastoff Labs is a small digital ad team working together collaboratively in an office. Everyday administrative functions are outsourced, keeping the focus 90% on client ad campaigns. Unlike most teams at Agencies executing this type of work (many of them quite good), for the majority of the workday we do not go off and work on separate assignments, or different components of projects. Instead, we spend the majority of our time working on the same PPC work all day as a team, in a process we call “The Daily Rotation”.  Summed up… “we’re inventing a different workflow molecule for creative agencies”.

Our values require the dedication to detail and quality thus we do not outsource any work related to client campaigns. We also limit the project workload at any given time, to maintain ownership and assure the quality of all campaigns under management whether they are new, or years under management. All aspects of our PPC ad campaign work is completed in accordance with these core quality principles.

The daily rotation (described in depth elsewhere on this site) is different, new type of organizational and workflow model for executing all aspects of PPC workflows, from initial design to long-term management. It is designed to better serve our client’s needs, while also drawing the best from our technical and creative team, and creating a stimulating work environment that thrives on excellence.