Leave Changes to Blastoff Labs

We ask clients to not directly make changes to change PPC campaigns that we’re managing. If a change is needed, please contact us — email, text, or call.

Any time we spend handling or discussing PPC campaign change requests from clients is complimentary. We want our clients to feel at ease about making changes. Frequently we receive great suggestions because they understand their business so well. We take those suggestions and put them throughout “PPC logic/experience” filter.

Why not just make a change in the PPC campaign immediately?

We run campaigns in a systematic fashion so the nature, frequency, and monitoring of all changes are a part of that. Either way, we’ll discuss any suggestion and the possible outcomes are to make the change, schedule it, or discuss the rationale behind our thinking about it.

Example of a client PPC campaign change request

Here’s one example of how we might handle a change request. We receive an email from a client with campaigns that were launched 4 weeks ago. There has been an offsite marketing team meeting, and they have created some new ad messaging, which they request to be immediately be deployed into their campaigns.

We look at the ad copy they’ve emailed and can see why they’re enthused about it. The new messaging emphasizes a feature that’s been in development and is about to be announced.

We reply to the client with a mock-up of some new ads, modified to fit into the format and character limits required by Google and Microsoft, for their review. But we ask if they are ok with holding back on introducing them into the campaigns for 3 weeks, which is still 4 weeks ahead of the launch of the new feature.

The reason for the 3-week delay is that we are at that time running a series of split-tests on the current ads, and based upon the campaign budget there will not be statistically-significant campaign data, to declare a “winning ad” for 3 weeks. So if we were to introduce additional ads into the campaign immediately, it would wipe out a month of split testing.

The client agrees, and we complete the split testing then introduce the new ads to test against the split-test winning ads from the previous cycle.

PPC campaign change requests vary

We’ve seen many diffferent  types of requests from clients. Many of them are useful suggestions and we can either implement them immediately or schedule them, as described above.

Some suggestions for changes run counter to our PPC know-how and “best practices”. That’s because a surprising amount of what works in PPC campaigns is non-obvious or even “counter-intuitive”; and there are many hidden “gotchas”.

So before taking on a new client we ask that they allow us to manage their campaign, agreeing to not directly make changes to their account. Instead, just email or call us with the desired change. Those requests are “off the clock” and we’ll either make the change or discuss our rationale for handling it.

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