Display Ad Campaigns

Mobile PPC Display Ad Campaigns

Display ad campaigns reach well beyond search engine result pages, serving image and video ads strategically onto millions of sites across the web. Display ads are a genuine advertising mechanism, versus the direct marketing process which is intrinsic to search engine ads.

Display ads remain relatively inexpensive. For some advertisers, campaigns that do not make sense economically can be operated profitably with display.

Blastoff Labs uses a structured, strategically-minded creative process to develop display ads. We find the right images by drawing from multiple sources: the advertiser’s image base, very large stock art and photography libraries, and sometimes by commissioning custom images.

Display ad text copy reinforces the message in the images. Display ad copy development is markedly different from writing search ad copy, because display ads are not addressing a “search intent”.

The engagement power of display ads is enhanced by using ad extensions sculpted down to the individual ad group level. The net effect of thoroughly exploiting ad extensions is to more effectively pull display traffic onto landing pages.

A common mistake in display remarketing campaigns is to not pay close attention to the regulation of remarketing frequency. We probably don’t have to inform you that showing ads too frequently can be a mistake.  The risk is to annoy prospective customers or clients, instead of converting them!

Blastoff Labs has developed and refined a systematic process to design, launch, and optimize high-performance modern display ad campaigns. The steps of our display campaign development process are outlined below.



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