How to go about sharing Google Merchant Center access?

Google Merchant Center access helps Blastoff Labs manage campaigns with a product feed, including Shopping and PMax campaigns.

GMC 3rd-party access may be granted provisionally by a PPC Ad account owner:

Please share access to Google Search Console by:

  1. Logging in at
  2. Navigate to “Settings” (lower left, gear icon) > User & Permissions > Users > Add Users
  3. Add the email address below as a “User”
  4. Please be sure to select “Administrative” level access, otherwise, we will need to revisit this later.

This does not make us the owner of your GMC account, and access remains provisional.

If you do not presently have a GMC account, we can create one for you and designate you as the owner. It may be necessary for us to send you a verification code to install on the homepage.

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