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There is a gap in the market for digital advertising services. Many advertisers have worked with both solo practitioners and and large-scale agencies. Blastoff Labs serve the needs of clients that find themselves within this gap.

We design ad campaigns tailored to fit our clients unique needs and requirements. Many clients need different levels of attention to design, optimization, campaign monitoring, and performance reporting.

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Blastoff Labs attended the first search advertising conference held in-person since 2019. Visit our blog for an overview of the conference, and highlights from some of the sessions.

The PPC Hero Conference will return to Austin, Texas. April 13 & 14, 2023.

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Blastoff Labs is proficient in search campaigns ranging from a dozen keywords to thousands. Our track record speaks for itself, having designed search ad campaigns for many vertical markets.
Search campaign ads are the classic text ads that first appeared over 20 years ago. They have evolved into more complex ads, often with built-in automation within each ad that delivers the optimal ad copy to you.
Powerful Search Ad Campaigns

Shopping campaigns drive consumer traffic to eCommerce websites. In 2021 this generated 60% of Google’s revenue.

Shopping ads capture low-funnel traffic, driving it into eCommerce site purchase pages. 

Shopping Mobile Ad Campaign
Display ads campaigns can be shown on millions of participating websites, reaching buyers outside the scope of a search campaign.

Display campaigns use text ad copy that is centered around an image. Display ads can be targeted to display on many sites across the internet, versus search ads which are shown on search engine results pages.

Quality Display Ad Campaigns
Video ad campaigns are gaining in success and popularity. With the right content and targeting, these ad campaigns often become a potent marketing tool.

Video campaigns serve video ads which can be shown on the second largest search engine (YouTube), and across partner sites. Video ads are still a relative bargain because they are not as heavily used as search ads. 

Video Ad Campaign

Enterprise-Class Sophistication​


Spectrum Medical TestimonialMy team worked with Steve on numerous customer acquisition campaigns through Google and Bing. Steve and his team at Blastoff Labs were absolute game changers for our business. Not only did they bring real word expertise and recommendations to our digital marketing campaigns, but they also helped educate our team on the subtle nuances of buying digital ads.

If you are looking to drive results to your site with an efficient CPA/ROAS look no further. I cannot recommend Steve and his team enough!

FORREST ACKERMAN, Head of OperationsSpectrum Medical Testimonial


Search Campaign Client ReviewSteve and his team at Blastoff have really turned our paid search advertising efforts around with concrete results. We’re receiving significantly more conversions than we did in the past, at a cheaper cost per conversion than we were accustomed to.

As a former Silicon Valley product marketing pro, Steve’s also quick to learn more about the particulars of your industry, to increase lead quality.

HANNAH LODGE, Vice President
ALTA Language Services, Inc.
Interpretation • Translation • Training


BRANDON M DHAENENS Client ReviewsSteve and his team at Blastoff Labs are superior to anyone I have worked with over the past 12 years, including a number of top San Francisco Bay area agencies.

Blastoff Labs delivered measurable results quickly, and helped me understand the value of increasing our budget to better optimize our campaigns. 

This strategy resulted in a 3x ROI improvement. Hats off. First-class all the way!

Director / Dental Industry

Digital Advertising Specialist

Digital Advertising Success Across Many Business Sectors​

Attorneys | eCommerce | Financial Services | Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) | Insurance | Medical Service Providers | Travel | SAAS Apps | Legal Services | Manufacturers | Wholesale Distributors | Technology | Medicare Services | Nationwide Retail | Special Events | Conferences | Data Storage | Automotive Tech | Health Care | Political Campaigns | Consumer Electronics | Covid Rapid Testing | Pediatric Medical Devices | Estate & Tax Planning | Plastic Surgeons | Medical Product Wholesalers | Regional HVAC Services | Bridal Fashions | Retail Signage | Estate Planning | Culinary Training | Non Profits

Do You Have a Smaller Project?

Smaller companies may choose to engage us through one of the following platforms. Services through any of the following provide simple contract management, project tracking and dispute assistance when needed.

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Blastoff's Latest Videos & Posts

8 Ingredients For High Performance Search Ad Campaigns

8 Ingredients For High Performance Search Ad CampaignsSteve details 8 ingredients that should be present when developing high-performance search ad campaigns: a product marketing perspective; a strong keyword base, volume and CPC filtering; a semantically-based…


Boost PPC Performance with Display & Search Campaigns

Digital Ad Tracking ProgressWhy is it important to set conversion values? Without it, you won’t know the two most important metrics in digital ad campaigns. Steve shows you how to estimate conversion values in this short video.


Sales Funnel Principles For PPC

Campaign DeliverablesWhy is it important to set conversion values? Without it, you won’t know the two most important metrics in digital ad campaigns. Steve shows you how to estimate conversion values in this short video.


How To Set Conversion Value In Digital Ad Campaigns

Positive PPC ROIWhy is it important to set conversion values? Without it, you won’t know the two most important metrics in digital ad campaigns. Steve shows you how to estimate conversion values in this short video.

How Do Sales Funnels Work

How Do Sales Funnels Work? Key Concepts

A “sales funnel” is a conceptual model showing traffic flow, from first awareness of a product or service, to purchase.

Characteristics and behavior of traffic entering, transiting, and exiting a sales funnel can deliver valuable insights to digital advertisers.

PPC Machine Learning

The Magic of Automated Bidding in PPC Campaigns

Three years ago, we managed the majority of our campaigns using different types of manual bidding; sometimes “enhanced CPC” bidding. 

Automated bidding requires more traffic volume to function at it’s peak potential so our campaign architectures have changed.

PPC Quality Score Meter

PPC Quality Score – 4 Things To Get Right

Quality Score (QS) is a core mechanism in search engine ad platforms. Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms use them. The platform assigns quality scores to each keyword in the campaign. Their workings are a bit opaque by design and can seem arbitrary at times.

search ad conversion tracking

PPC Call Tracking Benefits

PPC call tracking facilitates the capture of search engine metadata associated with call conversions. This metadata becomes powerful information when it is used as the fuel for automated bidding or “machine learning” algorithms within a PPC platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our blog, our FAQ page provides more insight into over 50 topics like the ones listed below. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Does SEO impact PPC?
Does SEO Impact PPCPPC platforms and their integral organic search engine both utilize spiders to crawl landing pages. The ranking signals used for organic search and PPC share similar characteristics. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that PPC and SEO are synergistic. It’s an indirect versus direct cause-and-effect relationship.

Digital Ad Blindness?
Digital Ad BlidnessDigital ad blindness happens when an ad is seen so frequently that viewers become oblivious to the ad. Due to over-exposure, viewers no longer mentally register the ad. Display ads are more vulnerable to this phenomena because images are recognized more readily.

PPC Campaign Success?
SEM Key BenefitsPPC campaign success is of course the objective of all our clients.
Two metrics define the success of a PPC campaign. The most important is “net advertising margin”. The second is return on ad spend (ROAS), which measures ad spend efficiency.

Where to set PPC ad spend? Where to set PPC ad spend?We recommend spending enough to generate at least 20 clicks per day in most markets, in order to accumulate statistically meaningful data in each 24-hour period. The daily spend is the number of clicks times the average cost per click. So, the question becomes what is the average cost per click (CPC)?

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