Google Tag Manager

Blastoff Labs utilizes Google Tag Manager (GTM) access for a number of purposes, including PPC campaign conversion tracking.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) simplifies the management of conversion tracking on your site. It eliminates the requirement to involve a web developer when tracking tags are added, removed, or edited on your website — among many other benefits.

To share access to GTM with Blastoff Labs:

Google Tag Manager User Account





Log in at , then navigate to Admin > User Management > + (Add User)

Google Tag Manager User Account

Add this email address as a user:

Sharing Analytics access

If you do not presently have a GTM account, we can create one for you and designate you as the owner. We will either install an extension on your WordPress site, or email code (2 GTM tags) to have your web developer install into the area of all pages on your site.

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