PPC Campaign Vulnerability

Although digital advertising campaigns can become valuable business assets, it is difficult for a hacker to steal or copy them successfully.

Each PPC campaign is an evolving component of a system highly dependent upon the website, and the business it drives traffic to. Because of this, to steal a campaign you would need to steal the website it is associated with. If they did choose to do this, they would face an array of problems and it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Because a PPC campaign exists as an ecosystem working with your unique website. By the time it was implemented, and once brought online and optimized, it would not perform anything as your campaign does. At best, the offending party might pick up a few tips.

The more consequential risk would come from an employee, or agency with access to the account. Although more serious, the likelihood of this is low and generally not significantly damaging.

Some also worry about their Shopping (eCommerce) feeds.  With the popular “Screaming Frog” SEO tool (and others) any Shopping feed can be scraped by visiting bots in seconds, in its entirety. So no need to worry – it has already happened.

PPC Client Intellectual Property Protection

Even if someone managed to obtain a digital copy of your PPC campaign, they would not be able to use it as your organization does.

Despite the low likelihood of PPC theft Blastoff Labs takes all issues relating to client PPC-related intellectual property (IP) protection seriously.

Key components of ensuring the security of your campaigns and project information including:

  • No campaign information is downloaded to workstations in Blastoff Labs and is stored in highly secure cloud services.
  • Blastoff utilizes multiple cloud services and does not concentrate related information in any one cloud service account.
  • Blastoff maintains regular cloud backups for all client campaigns and intellectual property.

Protecting the security of all our client’s campaigns and related project information is a high priority for us.

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