How much time to build PPC campaigns?

“How much time to build PPC campaigns?” is a question that requires qualification.

Some campaigns could be built and launched rather quickly. However, in today’s PPC environment there are very few situations where that would be an advisable way to proceed.

There are quite a few aspects to quality PPC campaigns that take time to work out.  PPC campaign quality benefits from a “slower cook” approach – a more methodically, systematic, and thoughtful design process. Rushing a campaign through development will be paid for in lower performance and less efficient use of ad spend.

Depending upon our workload, we will typically spend about this amount of calendar time crafting new campaigns:

• 1 to 2 weeks to design, build-out, and launch a display campaign.

• 1 to 2 weeks to design and launch a YouTube campaign (2 videos, 6 ad groups).

• 2 to 3 weeks to design, build-out, and launch a medium-scale (~300 keywords, 20 ad group) search campaign.

• 3 to 5 weeks to design, build-out, and launch a medium-scale Shopping campaign including precision optimizing the feed (~5,000 products).

A few campaigns

The time to build PPC campaigns can be shortened by “pipelining” the development of multiple campaigns.If you have more than 1, but less than 5 campaigns we will typically build/rebuild them in parallel, with some staggering of the start date for each.

Complex & enterprise-scale accounts

We have re-engineered extensively, some large accounts with almost 1,000 campaigns active.  These projects need to be carefully planned and scheduled after first running a baseline and familiarizing our team with the account. Each account is different.