Paid Search Campaigns Drive $50M Software ISV’s Growth

Enterprise Software Firm - Results

Boost PPC Performance with Display & Search Campaigns

Blastoff Labs was engaged to design paid search campaigns for a growing $50M software company, operating in the enterprise network management sector.

We familiarized ourselves with the product line, competitors’ product lines and their market positioning, prevailing product trends and related industry standards. We performed a PPC competitive analysis as described elsewhere on the site: Boost PPC Performance with Display & Search Campaigns. This led us to recommend and develop a set of 9 campaigns using search and display campaign types, incorporating both Display and Search (RLSA) remarketing.

We also conducted a landing page analysis of the client site and made recommendations to improve their user experience (UX) and to enhance the CRO (conversion rate optimization) profile. We made recommendations for ad spend at $250/day, configured conversion tracking, and launched the campaigns. We then started the coarse optimization process which took 4 weeks.

Six months later, after extensive fine optimization and bringing the paid search campaigns all onto automated bidding, the account is running at a 600% average return on ad spend; CPA’s at $150 average, driving telephone, phone call, and white paper sign up leads to the client’s nationwide enterprise sales force.

Average CPC’s have slowly declined since the campaigns launched, and quality scores (QS) have been steadily rising. Based upon the top-line sales growth which has resulted, this client is currently raising an additional round of private equity. We are managing the campaigns on an ongoing basis and creating plans for a video campaign initiative.