US-Based Luxury Consumer Electronics Manufacturing D2C OEM

US-Based Luxury Consumer Electronics Manufacturing D2C OEM


We were engaged by a successful U.S.-based consumer electronics manufacturer. The employee managing their Google Ads account in-house had left the company. Our first step was to familiarize ourselves with their product line and gain a detailed understanding of the market they dominate. Most importantly, we wanted deeper insights into the purchasing motivations of their customers.

During the first year managing this account, we scrapped their 14 legacy search and shopping campaigns replacing them with a comprehensive mix of 9 search, display, video, and shopping campaigns. Over time, the shopping campaigns evolved into PMax campaigns.

During the 2nd year of this project, Steve Bell visited their manufacturing facility on the East Coast. He spent the better part of a day visiting each station on the production floor, visiting with the workers, and gaining insights into different aspects of their manufacturing process. This armed us with a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of their products and a better grasp of why the demand for their products is so strong. We incorporated those insights into their ad copy over the following months.


The results of our work have been transformative, with a consistent return on ad spend (ROAS) jumping from 250% to 1,400%-1,800%. The operating margin now exceeds $1M per month. We continuously monitor and fine-tune these campaigns, making incremental improvements throughout the month. These adjustments continue to compound, delivering exceptional results for this client.