Statewide Low-Cost Auto Insurer With 75 Office Locations

Statewide Low-Cost Auto Insurer With 75 Office Locations


A privately-held insurance company had grown from “unheard of”, to over 200 employees in 5 years. Their billboards plaster the highways in their State, targeting the lower-income and high-risk insurance demographic. At the time we took this client on, they had exhausted the returns from billboard, radio, and TV advertising and were looking to get more serious with digital.

Underlying this project was, of course, their own messaging and brand culture which they were quite good at. So the ad copy was already pretty strong, and we improved it to fit the digital channel a bit. But the big challenge was in campaign type, campaign structure, and especially – geo-targeting / ad spend allocation.


We purchased an embossed map of the State that breaks it down into the county and zip-code level, and over a 4-week period arrived at a 3-level hierarchy for the campaigns, which put the right ads in the right place at the right time. It succeeded spectacularly. We managed the account for a relatively short span of time, until our client, a VP, left to pursue an opportunity. But the experience we gained building and optimizing these campaigns has proved useful in many ways!