Regional HVAC Services Provider Grows Beyond “Family Business” Level

Regional HVAC Services Provider Grows Beyond “Family Business” Level


A family business had grown into a 150-employee company that became the leading regional supplier of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services statewide. Over the previous five years, they had hired several large agencies to manage their account, but they weren’t getting the results they wanted.

We began with a baseline audit of their account and campaigns. What we found was their account was running almost 40 campaigns, all configured with manual bidding! Another important discovery was that their account structure had been dictated around the assumption that every sizeable town in their state needed to have its own campaign, targeted just to that location. We call this “hyper-localization”. This is a rather major assumption, and once made it comprises other performance-impacting decisions in an account like this. So it’s a highly impactful assumption.

Upon further research and discussions, we learned that their brand is strong enough that this assumption was given too much credence. Consumers all over the State are aware of and comfortable with this firm. So we revisited the approach to their advertising campaigns, top-down.


What we deployed reduced the nearly 40-campaign account into six. We set up conversion tracking with 3rd-party call tracking, event-triggered form submission conversions triggered in GA4, and chat-messaging tracking for LiveChat. This allowed us to move the six new campaigns onto automatic bidding within a month.

The result in terms of campaign metrics was a tripling in operating margin and a __ % increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). Because the campaigns are now on automated bidding, they require far less time for maintenance and can follow the seasonal swings in their market.