Regional Lighting Services Provider Lights Up Growth

Regional Lighting Services Provider Lights Up Growth


A 75-employee, East coast based lighting service company employs dozens of technicians and a fleet of trucks and vans. They service, repair, and replace traffic lights, street lighting, and related equipment. Having grown and thrived on local government contracts, they wanted to diversify and grow by adding commercial accounts.

We changed the structure of their paid advertising account to create 5 search campaigns, each targeting a different type of primary service that they offer. They were geo-targeted to the business and industrial zip codes with the appropriate b2b demographics within their high population-density service area. We deployed display and video campaigns for brand development to make potential customers aware of their expansion into commercial lighting installation and maintenance.


18 months after launching these campaigns, this client has increased commercial business to 20% of its overall revenue. Return on ad spend, estimated because this is a service business, is around 1,000%.