Psychologist In the US Northeast Jam-Packs OCD Practice

Psychologist In the US Northeast Jam-Packs OCD Practice


A prominent psychologist renowned for his expertise in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatment, based in the Northeast US, approached our agency seeking to boost his practice to reach a “booked solid” level.

We conducted a thorough market analysis and identified high click costs compared to the client’s ad spend. We designed a tightly targeted search ad campaign using phrase and exact-match keywords. We supplemented the search campaign with a display ad campaign to generate brand exposure. During campaign optimization, we meticulously extracted hundreds of negative keywords from search queries to tighten the targeting further. The campaigns were scaled down to fewer positive keywords, to avoid the “digital cliff threshold”, an oft-violated phenomenon that can lead to PPC campaign failure.


The campaign’s success surpassed expectations, and the psychologist’s practice reached maximum patient capacity within weeks. As a unique tactic, we put the campaigns on manual e-CPC bidding so that we can turn off the campaigns during peak times and reactivated them during slower periods, efficiently managing patient flow.

While the results were gratifying, we advised the client to explore additional advertising avenues. Specifically, we recommended considering Facebook Ads for a lower-cost online presence, as a simple online listing would suffice for his practice. Not all businesses require the direct marketing power of Google Ads!