International Investing Consultant Hits Home Run With YouTube Video Campaigns

International Investing Consultant Hits Home Run With YouTube Video Campaigns

A consultant in the UK runs business training programs for affluent private investors. She and her team deliver valuable subject matter expertise to private investors at hotel and resort locations around the world.

After optimizing their search and display ad campaigns, we began looking at the surprisingly weak performance of their YouTube video campaigns.

To fully understand the problem we registered for their free online course and watched videos over a period of time. Putting on our product marketing hat, we went asked “Why aren’t their video campaigns converting well?”. Then, suddenly the problem became clear.

We asked if changes could be made to the videos, but given the professionally-produced nature of the material, it would have cost them a small fortune to have them reworked. So with the client’s permission, we downloaded the videos and made the edits we requested.

We moved the introductory material to the end of the video and shortened the video by 75%. Then, we took the core of the content, where the core of the valuable information was being taught, and cut all the introductory and extraneous material out. The updated videos literally “start in the middle”.

Now the videos jump right to the point where valuable investing strategies are shared with 500+ attendees. The material is amazing, and the audience is clearly fully engaged. We also featured the speaker warmly interacting with attendees during the breaks to further sell the experience.

After reaching a statistically significant level of clicks and conversions, our new approach delivered a 1,100% increase in conversion rate! At the same time, cost per conversion dropped by over 80%, and the average view time went from 117 seconds to 283 seconds, even though the new version is a 1/3 shorter. The bounce rate also declined by 23%.

The best way to convert this type of high-end business seminar is with video ads. But they need to be properly sequenced, engaging, and deliver valuable insights.