Paid Search Campaigns Drive $50M Software ISV’s Growth

Paid Search Campaigns Drive $50M Software ISV’s Growth


Blastoff Labs was contracted by a fast-growing software company specializing in financial solutions for small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs). With a customer base typically ranging from 10 to 500 employees, the company sought to enhance its market presence and drive business growth.

To design effective paid search campaigns for the client’s SaaS financial application we needed to understand their software, analyze competitors, assess market positioning, and especially their feature and total cost of ownership differentiation. This is in alignment with our standard process outlined in the video “Boost PPC Performance with Display & Search Campaigns.”

We recommended and implemented nine strategically crafted search and display ad campaigns based on our findings. The search campaigns utilized various ad extension types, including image extensions, while leveraging audience targeting on both mobile and desktop platforms. Our display campaigns employed ad groups for in-market, custom segment, and remarketing audience targeting. We implemented conversion tracking and launched the campaigns by setting a daily ad spend of $250.


Over four weeks we completed coarse optimization of the campaigns. After six months of continuous fine optimization, including a transition onto automated bidding, the account had achieved an average return on ad spend of 600%. Cost per acquisition (CPA) averaged $150, generating high-quality leads from telephone inquiries, phone calls, and white paper sign-ups. Average cost per click (CPC) has been in steady decline since the campaign launched, while quality scores (QS) consistently improve month-to-month.