Rocket Launch

New Site Launching October, 2019

Blastoff Labs is finalizing development of content for our new website featuring explanatory videos, utilizing a mix of 2d, and 3d graphics to examine the inner workings of PPC advertising of interest to Advertisers inside growing corporate divisions, and startups alike.  We'll go deep inside the Google Ads cloud, Microsoft Advertising platform (now targeting the LinkedIn demographic), as well as native LinkedIn Marketing PPC campaigns to examine all the important issues whether they be business or technical in nature.

The "PPC Launchpad" blog will examine digital advertising topics bringing swift clarity to messy or difficult to understand issues that challenge advertisers, while showing how agencies cut through the complexity to work their magic.

We'd enjoy hearing from you in the meantime- call (775) 360-4955, email [email protected], or you can find us on Twitter @BlastoffLabs.

The Blastoff Labs virtual reality conference room. The Displays are controlled by Blastoff bots and are operational.  Team members sometimes materialize into the room to give presentations or introduce screencasts.  You never know what's going to happen next in this one!

Blastoff's new Blog, the Digital Advertiser's Launchpad, addresses all matters PPC.  Our mission is to decode the complex in short screencasts enabling PPC advertisers to have those "aha! that's how that works" moments.

Our site is crawling with Googlebots, Microsoftbots, Blastoffbots, and sometimes things can get out of hand.  When software processes running first-generation artificial intelligence are turned loose to perform millions of operations per second... well, the answer is pending on

PPC automated bidding explained: from manual bidding through each machine learning bot (software process).

Blastoff explains the sales funnel nuances via analogies to physical processes.

PPC platforms conduct millions of ad auctions per second. Attend one, along with your online competitors!
In this auction, a Googlebot has put a spot on a landing page up for auction, and three classes of bidders - your online competition - are participating.

Recently computers that play Chess have crossed the threshold, where no human being can beat them at Chess.

When your campaigns are set to bid manually, whoever is doing so (usually once a day, or week) are competing with machines (bidding bots, or software processes) that make decisions at every single ad auction, many times a day.  They know all the past moves, all the potential future moves, and can consider thousands of potential decisions each time they make a bidding decision.  Who do you think is going to win?

After a few years of "trying to get it right", Google Shopping rapidly grew to become an $80 Billion dollar advertising behemouth, over half their reported annual revenue, with no significant competition threatens to devour most retail ad and organic product results on search engine result pages.  Our "Shopping/ecommerce screencast series" shares for PPC advertisers benefit, simple insights into the workings and wonders of Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns. We begin by taking a look at a retail brick & mortar retail store, as shown above with multiple departments.  Then, we remove the walls and see it an ecommerce store.  This sets the foundation for sharing the essence of how Shopping campaigns work.  In less than 10 minutes you'll gain new insights into three major differences that are unique about Shopping campaigns -- aspects that are entirely different from other types of PPC campaigns -- that you can carry into your own advertising strategy.

We build a traditional search ad and show you how it's actually a form of direct marketing versus an ad.  In our Display campaign screencasts, we show you how Display ads are traditional ads, and how/when to deploy them synergistically against search ads in a PPC account.

We walk you through how Google Ads are provisioned in the cloud, where the security risks reside, and how to control your intellectual property when utilizing an agency to manage them.

If you're a little fuzzy about "Quality Score", the genius concept that made Google a home run success, then attend this ad auction with us for an "aha moment".  Don't mind all the bots - they're just there to help!

Learn about the do's, and do's of optimizing your web pages for conversion (CRO, or "conversion rate optimization") by attending a pole vaulting contest at Blastoff Stadium.