Video Campaign CRO Feedback

Video Ad Campaign Landing Pages

Conversion Rate OptimizationWe’ll create video campaign CRO feedback, to best match it to the sales funnel and the associated video campaign. Video campaigns are versatile and may generate traffic that enters the sales funnel hot, warm, or cold (high, medium, low funnel).

For good CRO performance the landing page content needs to complement and extend the message delivered in a video ad. Often this is an offer such as a free course, white paper, or other mid funnel lead magnet.

On landing pages for video campaign traffic, the goal is not necessarily to push for a conversion. We’re more likely trying to clarify and strengthen the value proposition, coming at it from different angles or bringing new aspects of it to light.

Depending upon the nature of the product or service being advertised, it might make sense to also speak to and faciliate low-funnel traffic. But most video campaigns are handling high and mid funnel traffic.

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