The quality of the keyword base generated for a search campaign, which starts with PPC keyword discovery, will strongly impact how well a campaign can perform. The keyword base for search advertising campaigns is a foundation upon which everything else depends.

If the keyword base is inadequate, it will be difficult to establish a high-performing ad group structure, limiting campaign performance.  So it is important to explore the potential keyword base for the target market thoroughly, to avoid disappointing results:

  • We spider the competitor sites identified during our “PPC competitive research” process.  We also spider your site and landing pages to extract and filter keywords.
  • Using a cross-section of search engines, we search prime keywords with the major search engines while recording new findings. In this step, we develop situational awareness of competitive PPC advertisers and identify successful messaging trends, for use in the ad design phase.
  • We then utilize our proprietary software tools and services to further expand the keyword base. This is repeated iteratively until we are confident that the point of diminishing returns has been reached.

At this point, we’ve most likely developed a keyword base too large for a pragmatic ad budget to serve, so the list is often pared. However it’s not necessarily a problem to start with too many keywords. Wasteful or ineffective keywords will be paused out of the campaign over time based upon campaign data.

The optimization process leaves only those keywords that perform well, or “assisting” keywords that pull traffic into the top or middle of the conversion funnel.

Longer-tail keywords that convert well but might be missed with a less robust keyword discovery process.