How And Why Is High-Quality Ad Copy For Search Campaigns Developed?

Blastoff has experimented with and tested a number of methods for creating, improving, and optimizing ad copy.

Our small team develops high quality ad copy in multiple refinements with all team members participating over multiple days. The ads go up on a wall-mounted TV during review and brainstorming sessions. This method of developing copy consistently delivers superior ad copy.

It is important to recognize that the purpose of a search ad is not to completely sell the customer on your service or product. The purpose of search ad copy is to intrigue the customer to click on your ad, instead of the adjacent ads from your competitors.

This provides visibility into how your ad campaigns can be best structured for highly competitive PPC ad auctions.

Our design workflow for search campaign ads is illustrated in the diagram above. It’s based upon the classic creative process, adapted into a digital advertising workflow.

The search ad extensions which accompany ads are also a crucial element of search campaigns. In most search campaigns, the ad extensions deliver more conversion volume than the ad itself.

If a campaign is launched with “average” ad copy and it isn’t optimized, it will limit performance. There’s more to good ad copy than you might think. Arriving at strong performing ad copy requires a concentrated effort.

Although ad copy might appear to be difficult to gauge, an ad’s performance can be measured numerically with web analytics. So arriving at great-performing ad copy can become a systematic process.