When developing ad copy for search campaigns it’s important to remember that the quality of the copy is critical to campaign performance. It’s too significant to leave to chance. For this reason, Blastoff las experimented with and tested a number of methods for creating, improving, and optimizing ad copy. The workflow continues to improve in 2021, and is illustrated in the diagram. It’s based upon the classic creative process, adapted into a digital advertising workflow.

The search ad extensions which accompany ads are also a crucial element of search campaigns. They carry the advertiser’s initial “elevator speech” where the initial “magic moment” of engagement occurs – or not.

If a campaign is launched with “average” the ad copy and it isn’t optimized, it will limit performance. here’s more to good ad copy than you might think. Sometimes advertisers “get lucky” by just plugging in what comes to mind. But more frequently, arriving at strong performing ads requires a concentrated effort.

Although ad copy might appear to be difficult to gauge, an ad’s performance can be measured numerically with web analytics. So arriving at great-performing ad copy can become a systematic process.