realtime client dashboardMonitor Your KPIs Quickly & Efficiently

Blastoff Labs can provision a private, s realtime client dashboard for your PPC account, configured to allow efficient observation of the key performance indicators most important to your business.

For eCommerce campaigns, of course, the focus is on site navigation, product page engagement metrics, ad group & asset group metrics, the type of conversions, the volume of conversions, and revenue.

Monitor eCommerce Performance Down To the SKU Level

For eCommerce dashboards, we can show statistics at the campaign, asset group, product group, and even SKU level. We show SKU-level eCommerce performance using filtered tables.

For lead generation, we also show attribution statistics including average time in the sales funnel before conversion.

Increased Engagement Metric Accuracy With GA4

We integrate GA4 engagement metrics into client dashboards and reporting.  Because GA4 is event-driven, it’s proving to be more accurate than UA in reporting the key engagement metrics including time on site.