Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO is the work of analyzing websites and making changes to improve their conversion rate efficiency. A well-optimized site will convert a higher percentage of visitors into engaged customers or clients.

Carousel Slide Shows Are Website Conversion Killers

On many sites today you find an animated element on the site that rotates the display of content, images, or blog posts, This is commonly known as a “carousel”. Usually, these images rotate on a loop at various speeds. Carousels gained popularity in 2016 and were a runaway hit with web developers for several years. From a design perspective, carousels do add an attractive element, carousels often have a negative effect on the marketing performance. Extensive web marketing research has revealed that instead of enticing user response, carousels actually detract from the marketing performance of websites.

Exposed Email Addresses Are PPC Killers

While the intent may be good, this is a bad practice. Text email addresses that are exposed to the open internet on a web page are harvested by bots, who may then use them for nefarious purposes like email address spoofing. Bad actors can imitate (phish) your "exposed" email address. It's the email equivalent of leaving your keys in the car for convenience.

Display Campaign CRO Feedback

Display campaigns pull cold traffic off the internet into the top of your sales funnel, where it becomes "cool" (lightly engaged) traffic. They also function to constructively influence mid-funnel "warm" (more deeply engaged) traffic.

Landing pages for display campaigns play a different role than landing pages for search, shopping, or video campaigns. So our CRO feedback will be different.

On landing pages for display campaign traffic, the primary goal is not necessarily to push for a conversion. We're more likely trying to clarify and strengthen the value proposition, coming at it from different angles or bringing new aspects of it to light.

Video Campaign CRO Feedback

Video campaigns are versatile and may generate traffic that enters the sales funnel high, mid, or low. We'll create CRO feedback for video campaigns based upon your particular campaign, to best match it to the funnel.

On landing pages for video campaign traffic, the primary goal is not necessarily to push for a conversion. We're more likely trying to clarify and strengthen the value proposition, coming at it from different angles or bringing new aspects of it to light.

Depending upon the nature of the product or service being advertised, it might make sense to also speak to and faciliate low-funnel traffic. But most video campaigns are handling high and mid funnel traffic. 

Shopping Campaign CRO Feedback

Shopping campaigns drive traffic to pages featuring individual products available for purchase. We look at how effectively the product is presented, and how the bots will index the page.

There are also a number of requirements on the Shopping campaign landing page that are imposed by the ad platform, that we check for. This includes things like the return policy, two means to reach the seller, and refund/exchange procedures.

Landing pages for shopping campaigns have a different role to play versus landing pages for search, display, and video campaigns. Their task is to convert ready-to-buy traffic into sales. 

All of our recommendations are consistent with well-known industry best practices, as described in related articles on this site.

Search Campaign CRO Feedback

Search campaigns benefit from high-performance landing pages. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) feedback can lead to improved landing page conversion performance. We use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) metrics and Heatmapping analysis to study traffic flows and engagement on your site.

Typical changes we might suggest for search landing pages might include:

    • Changing the placement or flow of content.
    • Transforming long "walls" (blocks) of text into bullet lists.
    • Simplifying forms to increase the likelihood of conversion.
    • Strengthening the central value proposition and features/benefits.

When needed, we'll provide wireframe-level design feedback to guide your developer.
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