Analyzing Landing Page Copy: Value Proposition(s), Features, & Benefits

Landing page copy analysis is involves identifying what message in ad copy and website content are most effective in converting site visitors to potential customers and clients. The quality of landing page copy, and ad copy is a major factor in successfully engaging site visitors’ interest.

The rules for landing page copy and ad copy are substantially different than copy written for offline media. Websites and ads are consumed differently than print media. Website copy is consumed differently than a similar copy appearing in a magazine, newspaper, or brochure.  It is scanned, more than read as one would read a book. Reader tolerance for longer blocks of copy is markedly lower.

Copy written for ads is quite different from web and print copy, but that is another topic.  Our CRO work is primarily concerned with increasing the effectiveness of copy written for website pages.

Landing page copy needs to be shorter, more succinct and organized in a natural flow allowing the reader to skim content.  Paragraphs must be short and summary lists should be used frequently to break up the text. Images should be utilized to illustrate central ideas, and the author should be writing for a lower reading level than would be used in print media.

Web copyrighters have to write for two readers: prospective clients and customers, and the search engines. Articles need to utilize appropriate on-page SEO metrics in order to be successfully indexed, or readers may never find the content.  When paid search is used, good on-page SEO metrics will lead to better quality scores.

All of these factors are taken into account when we analyze landing pages and websites for conversion rate optimization enhancements.