Display Ad Landing Pages Play A Different Role

Display campaign CRO feedback will be different as compared to feedback for landing pages for search, shopping, and video campaigns. Display campaigns pull cold traffic off the internet into the top of your sales funnel, where it becomes “cool” (lightly engaged) traffic. They also function to constructively influence mid-funnel “warm” (more deeply engaged) traffic.

Landing pages for display campaigns play a different role than landing pages for search, shopping, or video campaigns. So our CRO feedback will be different.

On landing pages for display campaign traffic, the primary goal is not necessarily to push for a conversion. We’re more likely trying to clarify and strengthen the value proposition, coming at it from different angles or bringing new aspects of it to light.

The Nature Of Traffic Arriving From A Display Ad Click

Because of their placement on the display network, display ads are shown as too “cold” traffic. Cold traffic that has engaged to the point of clicking, bringing that traffic onto the landing page, has moved from “cold” to “cool”. This traffic has expressed an interest in learning a bit more.

This cool traffic needs to be rewarded with more than just cursory information and a call to action! These are potential new customers who are not familiar with your products or services. The display ad landing page first needs to intrigue these potential customers to learn more, while clarifying and strengthening the value proposition.

“Social Proof” should be used more generously on a display ad landing page. This might consist of customer reviews, testimonials, certifications, reseller endorsements, and the like. Social proof is more important here because the visitor is just getting to know your business.

Calls to action should be softer and more informational than what might be used on a search ad landing page. Think blog signups and community forum links, newsletters, and white papers.