PPC Performance

PPC Performance

PPC performance is a relative term. For most advertisers, it means optimizing campaigns for the highest conversion value and the lowest cost per conversion. The metrics are operating margin and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Does SEO Impact PPC?

As part of the running calculation which sets the quality score for a keyword, a PPC platform spiders the landing page associated with each keyword to assess the relevancy across keyword, ad copy, and landing page content. Therefore landing pages with content relevant to the keyword, and correct on-page SEO optimization will tend to pull higher PPC quality scores. So the answer is yes, SEO does tend to positively impact PPC search campaign performance. But it’s an indirect relationship.

PPC Call Tracking Benefits

PPC call tracking facilitates the capture of search engine metadata associated with call conversions. This metadata becomes powerful information when it is used as the fuel for automated bidding or "machine learning" algorithms within a PPC platform.

PPC Advertising Success: 3 Things to Know

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is not the most important metric to pay attention to, when measuring PPC advertising success. ROAS is secondary! Steve explains why in this 3-minute video.

The most important PPC metric is adverting cash flow, which is simply the revenue generated by campaign(s) minus the ad spend used to generate the revenue. It is calculated from the same two variables used to calculate return on ad spend (ROAS). The difference is that ad margin is calculated by subtracting cost from revenue, will ROAS is calculated by dividing cost into revenue.

Adaptive Optimization

The benefits from monitoring campaigns vary based upon the vertical market the campaign serves, the design of the campaign, and business objectives of the advertiser. We can design campaigns that require little monitoring. For ambitious campaigns in competitive markets some degree of ongoing monitoring and optimization often makes sense and is beneficial to the advertisers’ return on advertising spend.

Is Ad Blindness A Thing In Digital Channels?

Digital ad blindness happens when an ad is seen so frequently that viewers become oblivious to the ad. "Ad blindness" occurs when viewers are over-exposed to an ad. As a result, they no longer mentally register the ad. Display ads are more vulnerable to this phenomenon because images are recognized more readily.

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