web analyticsIn this stage of search campaign development, we link the associated Web Analytics accounts with the PPC ads account(s). We also configure an Analytics profile that’s set up to support monitoring and analysis of the paid search campaigns.

This will Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Goole Merchant Account, and similar Microsoft Advertising Accounts.

We may likely also request a login to the backend (Administrative access) area of your website.  Typically this is needed when we anticipate installing plugin’s such at the GTM plugin, or a call tracking plugin. In eCommerce, it’s essential as the product feed is controlled from the e-commerce platform.

Google Tag Manager places a container on your website which facilitates the installation, removal, and modification of other tags, without requiring modification to the site itself. Its capabilities go well beyond that, a subject of other articles on this site and many elsewhere.

Google and Microsoft search console account(s) contain organic search query, and search engine crawl data, along with other information that can be helpful to campaign optimization. The search crawl data is particularly useful in the management of shopping campaigns, where sites typically have a lot of images which may cause crawl time, and crawl frequency issues.