Shopping Campaign Reporting Setup

Our shopping campaign performance management reports are designed to fit your eCommerce business objectives, product line(s), and campaigns. Our system pulls data from Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising real-time API interfaces to access campaign data. We include standard key performance indicators (KPI’s), or we can implement custom KPI’s most closely aligned to your business objectives.

One difference with our shopping reporting is our segmented performance tables. For shopping campaigns, we include additional tabular data in addition to charts and summary KPI’s for the reporting period and compare performance to the previous reporting period. Many shopping campaigns advertise thousands of SKU’s and it can be quite helpful to view performance in tabular form, with sorting.

Shopping ad visibility, click and conversion data, and financial performance ratios are summarized for each search campaign. Our tabular reports can be segmented and summarize performance by product line, ad group, product type, product group, or custom label parameter – whichever is most useful to your business.

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