Shopping campaign optimization is radically different from the optimization of the other three fundamental types of paid search campaigns.

Shopping campaigns operate on structured data, being driven by an eCommerce database, where text and images for each individual product reside.  So shopping campaign optimization in part involves optimization of the text and images in the eCommerce database.

There are many other aspects to shopping campaign optimization, but the thing that all of them have in common is they are dependent upon, and related to the structure of the shopping campaign.

For example, we see many Shopping campaigns that make inadequate use of ad groups. By building more structure into the campaign using ad groups, we’re able to utilize negative keywords more extensively, to match search queries to the right product more accurately.

During the fine optimization period, it’s not unusual to make significant improvements in performance as we become more familiar with the nuances of how a shopping campaign is serving.

Some eCommerce campaigns operating in highly competitive markets will benefit from ongoing optimization.  The point of diminishing returns is reached when additional returns from the shopping campaign advertising margin, approaches the cost of optimization.