Our PPC alert monitoring system tracks active campaigns within client accounts, notifying us when parameters and KPI’s exceed preset boundaries, conditions, or operating limits.

Conversion Tracking ImplementationActive alerts speed the optimization of campaigns. For example, as we walk ads through split-test optimization cycles and new versions of ads are introduced. Upon making a change we’ll calculate the number of clicks on both ads required to provide a statistically significant result.

When that alert triggers, we’re able to confidently render a decision on the winning/losing versions of the ad. Then we can move swiftly to introduce a new one to replace the loser. Doing this manually eliminates mistakes and delays.

A second example: automated bidding takes up to 14 days to converge and lock, so we’ll set alerts when campaigns are coming out of learning mode. When ads are disapproved or payment methods fail, we can act on it immediately.

There are a plethora of other situations where alerts accelerate optimization and reduce errors.