PPC Keyword Factoring, Ad Group Structure, & Match Type Assignments

Positive and negative keyword base provisioned into keyword layers of a search campaign.

In this phase of PPC search campaign development, we create the underlying structure for the search campaign by factoring the keyword base phonetically into a database, so the ad group structure flows naturally from groups of words that are semantically related.  This includes PPC Keyword Factoring, setting Ad Group Structure, & making Match Type Assignments.

In a typical PPC campaign, a keyword base will consist of a few hundred multi-word “keywords”, which we will then factor and group phonetically to organize them into “ad groups”.  This has the effect of creating a “highly structured” campaign – one with just a few root keywords per ad. We then apply a workflow to assign keyword match types in a strategic fashion, to fit your market.

With the keyword base identified and factored, we are then in a position to provision “match types”: phrase, exact, and modified broad match.  This process is covered elsewhere on this site.  To use an analogy from photography, the effect is to provide each keyword with three “lens” to match to search queries by – narrow-angle, wide-angle, and macro.

After factoring and match type provisioning, augmented by negative keyword lists, the keyword list has become a highly selective keyword base tailored to the campaign’s target market.

The combination of a high-quality keyword base, strategic match type application, and properly structured ad groups is important, providing a strong underlying foundation for a quality PPC search campaign.