To configure shopping campaign web analytics, we link the associated Web Analytics accounts. This includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, the associated Google Merchant Account, and similar for any Microsoft Advertising Accounts.

We may likely also request a login to the backend (Administrative access) area of your website.  Typically this is needed when we anticipate installing plugins such as the GTM plugin, or a call tracking plugin.

Google Tag Manager places a container on your website which facilitates the installation, removal, and modification of other tags, without requiring modification to the site itself. Its capabilities go well beyond that, a subject of other articles on this site and many elsewhere.

Google and Microsoft search console account(s) contain organic search queries and search engine crawl data, along with other information that can be helpful to campaign optimization. For example, many eCommerce sites use product images that are too large, which will cause crawl time and crawl frequency issues. That will hinder campaign performance because the spider will take too long to get through the feed.