PPC Platforms

PPC Platforms

When we are discussing topics relevant to the Google Ads PPC platforms or Microsoft Ads PPC platform, it will fall into this category.  The article will also be tagged “Google” or “Microsoft” if it is platform-specific.

Is It Possible To Sell A PPC Account?

First, a ppc campaign cannot be sold as a self-contained asset because it is intellectual property that runs on a ppc platform owned by the platform provider. Ownership of the account is subject to the overarching terms and restrictions you agree to under the platform provider’s terms of service.

Google PPC Auto Recommendations As Default

Would you like all your keywords to be converted to a broad match, including even the loose synonyms that you do not want? Well, that day has arrived - and you don't even need to agree to it. If your ad campaign has started to falter lately, it may be because of a change that Google has recently made.

PPC Machine Learning

This series of articles takes a look at PPC automation available today, both how it works and associated controversies. We'll share the high points of what we've learned, including the positive and less positive angles. Digital advertisers are already...

The Magic of Automated Bidding in PPC Campaigns

Three years ago, we managed the majority of our campaigns using different types of manual bidding; sometimes “enhanced CPC” bidding.  Automated bidding requires more traffic volume to function at it's peak potential so our campaign architectures have changed.

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