Qualifying and Onboarding Your Project

Automated Bidding

How long to reach automated bidding?

We run display campaigns on manual bidding before migrating them onto automated bidding. Automated bidding works better when there is a baseline of campaign metrics to extract bidding signals from. We find that automated bidding machine learning works better if before using it, a baseline of performance metrics exists. The baseline of campaign metrics also allows us to compare manually

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in house ad campaign management

Manage our PPC campaigns in-house?

This question sometimes arises: should we outsource PPC campaign management, or manage our PPC campaigns in-house? Let’s rephrase the question as “can we manage our PPC campaigns in-house at some point after launch, or should we have them managed?”. Here’s a key aspect thing to understand when considering the question: Accumulating the understanding to operate PPC campaigns is not a

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Changes to the campaigns

Changes to the campaigns?

Any time we spend handling or discussing PPC campaign change requests from clients is complimentary. We want our clients to feel at ease about making changes. Frequently we receive great suggestions because they understand their business so well. We take those suggestions and put them throughout “PPC logic/experience” filter.

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How much time to build PPC campaigns?

How much time to build PPC campaigns?

Campaign development bears some similarities to software development. Some campaigns, like some software apps, can be built and launched in a few hours or a few days. However, in today’s PPC environment that’s not usually the best way to proceed. PPC campaign performance flows from a bit more of a “slower cook” approach – a more methodical and systematic design process.

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Onboarding Checklist

Is there an onboarding checklist?

When onboarding PPC projects we’ll send you a list of onboarding checklists, which are some requests that include instructions. The majority of items are to request you take some simple actions linking accounts. They are actions to set up to make providing any needed materials, account links, media, and questions. Onboarding steps vary based upon the type of campaign(s), the

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Contract Lock in Period

Contract lock-in period?

Given prevailing practices with paid search agencies, it’s reasonable to ask “Is there a contract lock-in period for Blastoff Labs’ services?”. Contract lock-in periods have been widely used in the digital ad industry, but we don’t believe in them.  Our clients are free to discontinue use of our services. We have a superior way to retain our clients that works

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Do you take on Non US Clients

Do you take on non-US clients?

Non-US Clients? Sure, we frequently take on non-US clients. Blastoff has PPC advertising clients from Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, South America, and the Middle East. We always find a way to handle any time zone challenges. We also have experience with strategies, methods, and tradeoffs for targeting digital advertising accounts and PPC campaigns to multiple countries and continents.

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Zoom Calls

Do you offer a phone or Zoom consultation?

Sure, we can provide a phone or Zoom consultation to discuss your digital advertising objectives. Just complete the form on the Contact page. To get the most out of a consultation, please consider the following questions beforehand. You do not need to have all the answers; just the first two are required: What business sector do the campaigns operate in?

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Will you bid on an RFP

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?

When deciding whether to bid on an RFP, we treat it like any other incoming project. If it looks like a good fit for us then we may choose to submit a proposal in response. Typically, RFPs are issued by large, slower-moving organizations and bureaucracies such as governmental entities, military contractors, and large businesses in lagging business sectors. Their project

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How much of my time will an advertising campaigns take?

How much of my time will an advertising campaigns take?

We don’t take on projects where the client rolls up their sleeves working on the internals of advertising campaigns themselves, are trained to design PPC campaigns, or are required to spend their time working on them on a day-to-day basis. Our relationship with clients is designed to take the details of campaign design and optimization off their hands, so they

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SEM Key Benefits

PPC Campaign Success?

PPC campaign success is of course the objective of all our clients.

Two metrics define the success of a PPC campaign. The most important is “net advertising margin”. The second is return on ad spend (ROAS), which measures ad spend efficiency.

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Campaign Deliverables

What ad campaign deliverables will I see?

After onboarding is complete we will provide a project plan timeline including ad campaign deliverables, tasks and milestones. During campaign development, we’ll provide updates on ad campaign deliverables as appropriate. Once the campaign(s) are launched, you’ll have full access to view all aspects of the campaign, which becomes your intellectual property. After campaign launch you’ll receive regular campaign performance reports. The

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Onboarding Information

What information do you need when onboarding a PPC project?

When onboarding a PPC project, the first email clients receive is a set of “onboarding” action requests and questions. Typically, these are links to step-by-step instructions for sharing access to advertising and analytics accounts.  Usually, access to accounts can be shared in a few minutes without issue.  If problems are encountered, we are available to assist. Some examples of accounts

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Which search engine queries

Which search engine queries?

Before starting development of a PPC Ad search campaign, we’ll ask “What search queries do you expect will be used to search for your product or service?”.

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Paid search competitors?

Who are your paid search competitors? In the process of developing PPC campaign(s), we begin by asking you who you perceive as your PPC search competitors.  The reason we ask this question of our clients is that we want to know who you see as your 6 to 10 most significant direct competitors.  Mostly, those that come to mind quickly.

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Tag Manager Access

Google Tag Manager (GTM) | How to share access

Blastoff Labs utilizes Google Tag Manager (GTM) access for a number of purposes, including PPC campaign conversion tracking. Google Tag Manager (GTM) simplifies the management of conversion tracking on your site. It eliminates the requirement to involve a web developer when tracking tags are added, removed, or edited on your website — among many other benefits. To share access to

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Google Analytics Access

Share Google Analytics Access

This is to request that you share Google Analytics (GA) Access with Blastoff Labs. We utilize it for a number of purposes: • Testing and monitoring conversion tracking. • Monitoring quantified engagement metrics, and • Understanding paid traffic flow landing on and traversing sites. • Analyze web pages for conversion efficiency issues. To share access to Google Analytics, please login

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Bing Access

How to Share Bing Ads Access

To share Bing Ads access (now called Microsoft Advertising), email us your account number.  It’s in the upper right corner when you’re logged in at Ads.Microsoft.com Microsoft account numbers are 8 digits long, start with an F or X. We’ll enter your account number into our Microsoft Agency Account, and a Bing Ads access request email will be sent to the

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