Principles Of Conversion

Sales Funnel Fundamentals

Paid Search Sales Funnel Fundamentals

When a lead is generated through advertising, the marketing process, or another source such as a face-to-face encounter, the lead is usually characterized as a prospective customer.  At that point, the salesperson will designate that the prospect is “in the funnel”. This is only the start of transit of the lead through the imaginary “sales funnel”.  The early funnel area is represented by the opening at the top, in the accompanying diagram.

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Landing Page Copy

Landing page copy analysis

Analyzing Landing Page Copy: Value Proposition(s), Features, & Benefits Landing page copy analysis involves identifying what message in ad copy and website content are most effective in converting site visitors to potential customers and clients. The quality of landing page copy, and ad copy is a major factor in successfully engaging site visitors’ interest. The rules for landing page copy

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Conversion Value Model

Conversion Value Setup For Search Campaigns

Whether a search campaign is for lead generation or eCommerce, each type of conversion needs to be assigned a value.  

Here, we are focused on lead generation campaigns, which include the majority of search campaigns. For example, advertising a service business where leads (sales inquiries) are handled by a sales organization. We have a separate article about this topic for e-commerce search campaigns. 

By assigning a conversion value, we are able to measure the two most important metrics for a search campaign: ‘return on ad spend’, and ‘advertising margin’. Even more importantly, we are able to inform the automated bidding system in relative terms how valuable a conversion is. So the automated bidding will be more aggressive in bidding for more valuable conversions. 

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