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Does SEO Impact PPC

Does SEO impact PPC?

PPC platforms and their integral organic search engine both utilize spiders to crawl landing pages.

The ranking signals used for organic search and PPC share similar characteristics. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that PPC and SEO are synergistic.

It’s an indirect, versus a direct cause-and-effect relationship.

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Digital Ad Blidness

Digital Ad Blindness?

Digital ad blindness happens when an ad is seen so frequently that viewers become oblivious to the ad.

“Ad blindness” occurs when viewers are over-exposed to an ad. As a result, they no longer mentally register the ad.

Display ads are more vulnerable to this phenomenon because images are recognized more readily.

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Can a PPC Campaign be Stolen

Can a PPC campaign be stolen?

Although digital advertising campaigns can become valuable business assets, it is difficult for a hacker to commit PPC intellectual copy theft by stealing or copying them successfully. 

Each PPC campaign is an evolving component of a system highly dependent upon the website, and the business it drives traffic to. Because of this, to steal a campaign you would need to steal the website it is associated with. If someone did choose to commit IP theft, they would face an array of problems and it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

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Display Ads Versus Search

Display Ads vs Search Ads?

How are they different? Display ad campaigns utilize an image as the central focus of the ad, while search ads are text-based. But the difference between display ads and search ads is more fundamental: their placement, function, and reach. Display ads are smart billboard-style ads that functionally are advertisements, whereas search ads are a form of a direct marketing offer.

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20 Reasons a PPC Campaign Fails

Failed PPC Campaigns: 10 Types Of Mistakes

There are many reasons why a PPC Campaign might fail. From incorrect campaign deployment to a shopping feed being improperly optimized. Here are some of the most common that we see. Website Implementation Mistakes The site may have major CRO problems. It’s one of the most common and often the first thing we check. The campaign is configured improperly. For

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