Keyword Research Process

Video Campaign Object Model Ad Group Structure

Video Campaign Structure

A secret to display campaign performance, is to create the video campaign structure by factoring targeting methods and ads by pairs, into ad groups.This creates video campaigns built around relevant groups of ads with relevant images and ad copy, resulting in better quality scores.

The combination of a high-quality targeting, careful ad copy development tailored to the offer, and properly structured ad groups creates a strong underlying foundation for display campaigns.

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Shopping Campaign Object Model

Structure Shopping Campaigns

Individual shopping campaigns are structured internally on two levels: Product Groups, and Ad Groups.

Product Groups provide a mechanism to group together similar products within the feed. You can create product groups using various attributes present in the feed. Typically this is used to bid similar products and product variants at the Product Group level. 

Each product group is a subset of the feed. The bids are then controlled at the product group level. This can save a great deal of time while managing campaigns with sizeable feeds. When benefitical we utilize ad groups with ad-group level negative keywords to influence keyphrase matching.

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Search Campaign Structure - Object Model

Search Campaign Structure

The ad group structure flows naturally from groups of words that are semantically related. This is one of the secrets to developing search campaigns with high “quality scores” (QS). When search campaigns are built around relevant groups of semantically related keywords, good quality scores follow.

By factoring, we organize the keyword base into ad groups around semantic relationships.  This is the process for creating a structured campaign – one with just keywords that mean the same thing in each ad group.

We then apply a workflow to assign keyword match types in a strategic fashion, to fit your market based upon an assessment of search intent.

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Keyword Discovery Process

Keyword Discovery Process

The quality of the keyword base generated for a search campaign influences how well a campaign performs. The keyword base is the foundation.

We spider the competitor sites identified during our “PPC competitive research” process.  We also spider your site and landing pages to extract and filter keywords that go into a “keyword bucket” as shown in the diagram. 

While locating direct competitors, we also familiarize ourselves with their products and/or services. We take note of competing advertiser positioning, messaging, offers, and trends.

We then expand the number of keywords discovered using proprietary software tools until we’ve developed a comprehensive keyword base. 

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Display Campaign Ad Group Structure

Create Display Campaign Structure

The ad group structure in display campaigns is used to segregate and test targeting methods, targeting configurations, ad images, and ad copy. This diagram shows ad group structure in a small display campaign. 

Without the structure provided by ad groups, we wouldn’t be able to evaluate the effectiveness of different combinations of targeting and ads.

Some targeting methods require multiple ad groups in order to better control and observe results.  For example, when we’re targeting using “custom intent” targeting by URL, we’ll create one ad group per URL targeted.  Placement targeting to show ads on specific websites, the same. 

By using ad groups liberally in display campaigns we’re able to rapidly evaluate targeting and ad quality.

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