Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Display Campaign CRO Feedback

Display campaigns pull cold traffic off the internet into the top of your sales funnel, where it becomes “cool” (lightly engaged) traffic. They also function to constructively influence mid-funnel “warm” (more deeply engaged) traffic.

Landing pages for display campaigns play a different role than landing pages for search, shopping, or video campaigns. So our CRO feedback will be different.

On landing pages for display campaign traffic, the primary goal is not necessarily to push for a conversion. We’re more likely trying to clarify and strengthen the value proposition, coming at it from different angles or bringing new aspects of it to light.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Video Campaign CRO Feedback

Video campaigns are versatile and may generate traffic that enters the sales funnel high, mid, or low. We’ll create CRO feedback for video campaigns based upon your particular campaign, to best match it to the funnel.

On landing pages for video campaign traffic, the primary goal is not necessarily to push for a conversion. We’re more likely trying to clarify and strengthen the value proposition, coming at it from different angles or bringing new aspects of it to light.

Depending upon the nature of the product or service being advertised, it might make sense to also speak to and faciliate low-funnel traffic. But most video campaigns are handling high and mid funnel traffic. 

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Shopping Campaign CRO Feedback

Shopping campaigns drive traffic to pages featuring individual products available for purchase. We look at how effectively the product is presented, and how the bots will index the page.

There are also a number of requirements on the Shopping campaign landing page that are imposed by the ad platform, that we check for. This includes things like the return policy, two means to reach the seller, and refund/exchange procedures.

Landing pages for shopping campaigns have a different role to play versus landing pages for search, display, and video campaigns. Their task is to convert ready-to-buy traffic into sales. 

All of our recommendations are consistent with well-known industry best practices, as described in related articles on this site.

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PPC Accounts Ad Spend Allocations

Dynamic Ad Spend Allocation

Blastoff Labs reporting monitors many client campaigns and can generate alerts when they exceed preset boundaries, conditions, or critical operating limits.

Automated monitoring speeds optimizations of campaigns. For example, when we are walking ads up the “split-testing optimization cycle”, as a new ad is introduced we’ll calculate the number of clicks required to provide a statistically significant result. When that alert triggers, we’re then able to make an immediate decision on a winning ad, and introduce a new ad to replace the lower-performing ad. This allows us to quickly “walk” an ad group up the ad performance curve.

Another example is automated bidding in campaigns, which takes up to 14 days to converge and lock in. We set alerts when campaigns to bring our attention back to the campaign when it is in the middle of, then coming out of “learning mode”.

Similarly, when faults occur – for example, ads are disapproved or payment methods fail, we are alerted and can act on it immediately.

There will be more on the use of alerts in PPC campaign monitoring in other articles across this site [links pending].

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis we identify a set of factors that collective evaluate the effectiveness of a website in generating engagement and conversions of PPC generated site traffic.

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Landing Page Copy

Landing page copy analysis

Analyzing Landing Page Copy: Value Proposition(s), Features, & Benefits Landing page copy analysis involves identifying what message in ad copy and website content are most effective in converting site visitors to potential customers and clients. The quality of landing page copy, and ad copy is a major factor in successfully engaging site visitors’ interest. The rules for landing page copy

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Website Traffic Flow Analysis

When doing webpage navigation flow analysis, we first rely upon our product marketing level familiarity with products and/or services on the site. With that as the foundation, then website conversion paths and buyer personas are identified by studying the web analytics data and heat maps. In this way, we identify limitations in the website’s layout or presentation that encumbers the

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Identifying Website Visitor Personas

Identifying website visitor personas

Traffic on a business website can be segmented into multiple “website visitor personas”. Identifying the site visitor personas can lead marketers to advertising messaging, and webpage design which perform more efficiently. We use are a number of methods to identify website visitor personas. All of them rely upon a baseline understanding of the product marketing aspects of the business. With

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identify Sales Funnel Paths

Identify Sales Funnel Paths

A CRO baseline is first established using web analytics. We identify navigation paths they take as they move through the site. We may, with your permission install heat maps that record user navigation across pages.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): What is it, and how does it work?

Conversion rate optimization work is sometimes viewed skeptically, due to its association with the sometimes misunderstood world of marketing. In this series of articles, we will examine this emerging marketing specialty and hopefully shed some light. In the engineering-driven culture of silicon valley, when engineers move into a marketing role it’s often viewed disparagingly as “crossing over to the dark

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Campaign CRO Feedback

Search campaign conversion rate optimization (CRO) feedback is provided to improve the conversion performance of landing pages.

Landing pages for search ad campaigns have a different role to play as compared to landing pages for display, shopping, and video campaigns. Search ad landing pages are guiding traffic to directly take an action to engage with your business.

Typical changes we might suggest for search landing pages might include:

• Changing the placement or flow of content.
• Transforming long “walls” (blocks) of text into bullet lists.
• Simplifying forms to increase the likelihood of conversion.
• Strengthening the central value proposition and features/benefits.

When needed, we’ll redesign the layout of landing pages to the extent that we provide wireframe-level design feedback. 

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