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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a set of digital marketing skills used to improve the conversion efficiency of web pages, in turning traffic into conversions. Over the past decade, CRO has become established as a discipline or specialty in the online marketing realm.

There are CRO skeptics, but it is difficult to make a case against because the impact of changes made using CRO methodologies is measurable. CRO methodologies have been well established to deliver significant improvements in both lead generation and/or e-commerce websites.

Dynamic Ad Spend Allocation

Blastoff Labs reporting monitors many client campaigns and can generate alerts when they exceed preset boundaries, conditions, or critical operating limits. Automated monitoring speeds optimizations of campaigns. For example, when we are walking ads up the “split-testing optimization cycle”, as a new ad is introduced we’ll calculate the number of clicks required to provide a statistically significant result. When that alert triggers, we’re then able to make an immediate decision on a winning ad, and introduce a new ad to replace the lower-performing ad. This allows us to quickly “walk” an ad group up the ad performance curve. Another example is automated bidding in campaigns, which takes up to 14 days to converge and lock in. We set alerts when campaigns to bring our attention back to the campaign when it is in the middle of, then coming out of “learning mode”. Similarly, when faults occur – for example, ads are disapproved or payment methods fail, we are alerted and can act on it immediately. There will be more on the use of alerts in PPC campaign monitoring in other articles across this site [links pending].

Identify Sales Funnel Paths

A CRO baseline is established using web analytics. Sources and classes of traffic (site visitors) are identified. We characterize common navigation paths they take as they move through the site. For this process, we may, with your permission install heat maps that trace the behavior of traffic as it moves onto the site. This, along with web analytics allows us to study aggregate behavior as landing site visitors land on the site, interact with content and navigate to other pages on the site. We place emphasis on studying individual visits that convert, or visit the landing page more than once. The CRO baseline puts into place a foundation for measuring the impact of changes made after identifying “conversion choke points” that indicate issues. When coupled with insights gained from identifying site visitor personas, this also informs development of the PPC campaign keyword base, targeting, audiences, and ad copy.

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