Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are a conceptual structure that has proven useful to gain insights about customer behavior during the pre-sales process.

Paid Search Sales Funnel Fundamentals

When a lead is generated through advertising, the marketing process, or another source such as a face-to-face encounter, the lead is usually characterized as a prospective customer.  At that point, the salesperson will designate that the prospect is “in the funnel”. This is only the start of transit of the lead through the imaginary "sales funnel".  The early funnel area is represented by the opening at the top, in the accompanying diagram.

Sales Funnel Principles For PPC

Why is it important to set conversion values? Without it, you won't know the two most important metrics in digital ad campaigns. Steve shows you how to estimate conversion values in this short video.

Identify Sales Funnel Paths

A CRO baseline is first established using web analytics. We identify navigation paths they take as they move through the site. We may, with your permission install heat maps that record user navigation across pages.

How Do Sales Funnels Work? Key Concepts

A "sales funnel" is a conceptual model showing traffic flow, from first awareness of a product or service, to purchase. Characteristics and behavior of traffic entering, transiting, and exiting a sales funnel can deliver valuable insights to digital advertisers.

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