Website traffic flows often need to be re-engineered to improve conversion performance. Advertising campaigns will drive qualified traffic to landing pages on a site, but it is equally crucial that the traffic turns into leads or sales. PPC campaigns can perform no better than the conversion rate optimization (CRO) state of the pages and sites they are driving traffic to. For that reason, early in the process of developing campaigns we identify landing pages and analyze them, often providing suggestions for improvement.

Recommendations for changes to website traffic flow maximize the potential to produce conversions – their so-called “CRO related performance”.

Typically, any changes recommended are straightforward, involve clarifying the message to lower bounce rates; structuring the flow of content in order to increase engagement parameters – such as time spent on the page, and the number of pages per view. We frequently recommend different graphics or video, page layout, and strengthening calls to action.

All of our recommendations are consistent with well-known industry best practices, as described in related articles on this site. [ Pending: click on the lightbox image at right for examples of typical changes recommended ]