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We put intense effort into the development of quality, high-performance ad (and ad extension) copy because it is a ‘high-leverage activity’ when it comes to campaign performance. In digital media, the magic is rarely in the initial copy… it emerges through the ad optimization process.

Learning how to create high performing ad copy development is similar to some ways to mastering carpentry, golf, weight lifting, or cooking.

Repeatedly, just when you think you are getting good at it, you realize that once again, you are merely an apprentice and there is much more to be learned. There are many nuances, tradeoffs, and “non-intuitive aspects” to it that can only be learned over time.

Landing Page Copy Analysis

Analyzing Landing Page Copy: Value Proposition(s), Features, & Benefits

Landing page copy analysis is involves identifying what message in ad copy and website content are most effective in converting site visitors to potential customers and […]

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